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Paddle Self-Supporting Roofing


The system of self-supporting roofing INCO 70.4 Curved allows covering one or several Paddle tennis courts in a simple and aesthetic way. This system is the ideal solution for this type of sports facilitiesdue to its dimensions (10x20m).

 This kind or roof does not require maintenance and it has a high durability (depending on the type of material the lifetime warranty could cover up to 25 years).

 It is possible to supply it in different colors available in stock or another reference from the RAL color range or the ARCELOR color range (depending on the quantity).

The installation of the productis really fast, and depending on the accessibility it can be installed in one week.

dimensions of a paddle-tennis court by INCOPERFIL

Advantages of Self-Supporing Roofing

  • Avoids the direct sun at peak hours of the day
  • Allows to play in the rainy days
  • The condensation does not take place in the glass walls during the night
  • Prevents the court from getting wet by the morning dew
  • Allows to cover lateral corridors of the court (up to 13,3 m)

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